About Us

Who We Are

Madigan Security is a premier security consulting and private investigation firm based in Seattle, Washington. At Madigan Security, we are intent on providing solutions and services that protect the assets of our clients and help our clients solve complex problems.  Our services are wide-reaching and all-encompassing, as is our client base.

Madigan Security maintains a global network of investigative and security-based resources. We are staffed by security and legal experts, with over 125 years of experience. Our staff possesses cross-disciplinary experience including: former military personnel, law enforcement officers, corporate security management, and civil litigation attorneys. Our extensive record of service includes corporate and banking security consulting, legal, workplace, and corporate investigations, insurance services, active shooter and terrorism training, litigation support, and protection officers.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and thorough security services and investigations in the industry.  Through our extensive experience in the industry, we recognize that each client has different needs.  We strive to meet and exceed those needs by establishing a personalized customer experience.  Our success depends on our client’s satisfaction, which is why we make our client’s needs our top priority.

Our Mission

Madigan Security is a community based and client-driven security and investigation firm dedicated to putting clients first. Our goal is to provide high-quality, timely, and comprehensive services in an aggressive, but highly professional and ethical manner.

Our Vision

To extend our position as Washington’s premier security and investigation company, and strive to be a national leader with international expertise and global service.

Our Values

To ensure our dedication to our clients we have established a foundation of ethics, integrity and customer focus, to provide solutions that are innovative, informative, and effective. Our highly proficient and qualified team will continue to drive change, strive to enhance performance, and assure operational success with our clients, through adherence to the highest possible standards with independent and interdependent thoughts, actions and services.

Corporate History

Madigan Security Consulting & Investigations was founded in 1996 by C. Larry Madigan who was the former Director of Security for Seattle First National Bank and held various other private security and commissioned police positions.

Initially, Madigan Security served the security needs of financial institutions of the Pacific Northwest.  As Madigan Security grew and evolved, it expanded its services and began to work with many local and national companies.

In the early 2000’s Madigan Security started its Investigation Division, with a large emphasis on pre-employment background screening.  This division has grown substantially over the years and now employs a full-time research manager. We are now considered experts in the pre-employment background screening industry.

Madigan Security started as one man show, but has grown in 20 years to now have 10 full time staff members who are experts in the area of security consulting, protection, and investigations.